Clean-up kolommen Mycotoxinen

MycoSep®, MultiSep® & StarLine columns:

Food Risk Management levert van de fabrikant Romer Labs drie type opzuivering kolommen voor mycotoxinen analyse.

Starline IAC

De MycoSep en MultiSep kolommen zijn relatief eenvoudig uitvoerbare 1-staps kolommen voor food en feed analyses. StarLine immunoaffinity kolommen worden gekenmerkt door antibody ‘packed’ materiaal voor een effectieve en betrouwbare clean-up voor complexe agri-commodities matrixes.

MycoSep® and MultiSep® columns contain packing materials of absorbent mixes designed for all relevant food and feed commodities.

MycoSep® columns allow a one-step cleanup within 30 seconds: the MycoSep® cleanup column is pushed into a test tube containing the sample extract, forcing the extract to filter upwards through the packing material of the column. The interferences adhere to the chemical packing in the column and the purified extract, containing the analytes of interest, passes through the column.

The MultiSep® column format allows a one-step cleanup of sample extracts, containing the analyte of interest, within 30 seconds: The sample extract is applied on top of the MultiSep® clean-up column. The interferences adhere to the chemical packing in the column and the purified extract, containing the analytes of interest, can be collected in a suitable vessel.

A purification of the sample extract is essential for a reference test method such as HPLC, which is routinely done with a highly specific antibody based 3-step immunoaffinity cleanup or a rapid solid phase extraction based 1-step MycoSep® or MultiSep® cleanup.

MycoSep®, MultiSep®:
Star line iac®:
MultiStar™ – Immunoaffinity

RomerLabs Diagnostics -2020 introduction MultiStar™ – Immunoaffinity

MultiStar is an immunoaffinity column for multi-mycotoxin analysis most suited for LC-MS/MS methods. With this product, we would like to offer a solution to all the customers, laboratory that perform multi-mycotoxin analysis in difficult matrices and therefore require a reliable clean up procedure targeted at all the regulated mycotoxins.

The column contains a combination of adsorbents that was designed for the purification of complex commodity extracts for subsequent LC-MS/MS multi-mycotoxin analysis.  This new column is useful to get a better cleaned up sample for increasing sensitivity of the method (< LOD/LOQ), e.g. if infant formula as matrix (low regulatory levels).

If your laboratory is looking for a better clean-up and concentrating of afla-, ochra-, zea-, don-, fumo-, T-2- en HT-2 toxins in complex agri- matrixes by single run LC-MSMS method: ‘Romer Labs has the solution’.


Toepassing MycoSep & MultiSep.


Immuno-affiniteits kolommen :

De StarLine™  kolommen (IAC) zijn snelle en betrouwbare clean up kolommen, deze Star IAC’s kennen een uit stekende recovery en zijn specifiek ontwikkeld voor complexe matrixes.

StarLine™ immunoaffinity columns represent a simple and reliable clean-up before detection of mycotoxins in a broad range of foodstuffs and animal feed.


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