Antibiotica en drug residuen

Reliable Test Kits for Drug Residues Detection

Romer Labs has developed quantitative enzymelinked
immunosorbent assays (ELISA) for the analysis of hormones and
antibiotics in food, tissue and urine.

With the increased use of antimicrobial drugs as well as feed additives in the aquaculture and animal food production sector, food safety concerns have put the spotlight on veterinary drug residues. Although instrumental methods are widely used in drug residues detection, their use in the routine screening of numerous samples is restricted by cost and instrumentation. Fast, reliable and efficient drug residues screening is therefore essential.

Easy-to-use solutions for veterinary drug analysis

Romer Labs offers the most complete portfolio of sensitive and easy-to-use veterinary drugs residue test kits for the detection of drug residues in various samples (e.g., tissue, muscle, urine, milk, egg, honey and feed samples).

The analyte specific test kits use ELISA technology and have low detection limits.

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