Ringtesten Mycotoxins


RomerLabs biedt jaarlijks enkele ringtesten aan voor mycotoxinen. Voor de meest actuele komende Check Sample Survey ( CSS ) in de EU kijk s.v.p. op de RomerLabs website of neem contact op met Food Risk Management voor meer informatie en het inschrijfformulier.

The objective of Romer Labs Check-Sample-Survey is to provide an interlaboratory comparison study of Aflatoxin analysis in corn. Purpose of this study is to provide a platform for laboratories to assess the effectiveness and accuracy of their test methods as part of their internal analytical quality management.

Who should participate:

The Romer Labs Check-Sample-Survey is targeted to industry labs and service labs that perform mycotoxin analysis on a routine basis. The method employed for analysis is up to the participating laboratory.

The available analytical data of characterization shows sufficient homogeneity of the test material and will not be included in the calculation of the assigned value of the interlaboratory comparison. The detailed results and statistical evaluation provided by Romer Labs will be disclosed in the final report of the survey.

Komende CSS ringtesten 2017 mycotoxins:
Aflatoxin analyse in Mais ( corn):

Romer Labs Check-Sample-Survey Aflatoxins in Corn (CSSMY011 – M16411A)

As part of its integral service approach Romer Labs Diagnostic GmbH offers a Check-Sample-Surveyfor Aflatoxins in corn.

Aflatoxins can cause liver disease in animals and may cause decreased production (milk, eggs, animal weight, etc). Aflatoxin B1 is a potent human carcinogen, and may contribute to human liver cancer.

Test Material: The test material is prepared by Romer Labs Diagnostic GmbH in Tulln, Austria.

Corn from a retail source has been analysed for Aflatoxins (AFB1, AFB2, AFG1, AFG2, total Aflatoxin) by reference method and characterized. A milling and mixing procedure was used to thoroughly blend the material. The resulting test material was then dispensed into sample bags to create individual sub-samples (approx. 55g). Sachets of this test material should be stored in appropriate conditions.


  • Submission deadline for participation: October, 7th 2017
  • Dispatch of test materials: October, 10th 2017
  • Submission deadline for results: November, 25th 2017
  • Distribution of report to participants: December, 16th 2017

http://www.romerlabs.com/en/products/check-sample-survey/ . The costs of attending this CSS will be € 119,00 excl. VAT incl. DHL transport of test material (50 gram).