Positive Control Materials for Food Allergen Testing

Food Risk Management biedt het volgende assortiment allergeen referentie materiaal aan.

Food allergen reference materials have been a great concern for years. The lack of certified reference materials for food allergens makes it hard for test kit users to verify their results.

check-sampl-eRomer Labs offers positive control materials intended for method validation purposes and for the performance control of an analytical method or that of a lab. These materials represent positive samples in a real food matrix.

Romer Labs offers the LGC Allergen Reference Materials. High quality reference materials developed by the National Measurement Laboratory at LGC in the UK in collaboration with the University of Manchester and Romer Labs.

Food producers and analytical laboratories need reliable and effective methods of analysis. But one of the greatest challenges on this front has long been the lack of reliable and certified reference materials for food allergens. With the development of the LGC Allergen Reference Materials, a big step to solve this problem has been made.

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LGC Allergen Reference Material are a collection of five individual allergenic materials: almond, egg, hazelnut, milk and walnut as well as the first ever multi-allergen reference material: a chocolate dessert matrix incurred with the five allergens previously mentioned. They are provided with a certificate stating their uncertainty and their metrological traceability to the SI.

These reference materials have a variety of uses: they can be used for the development and validation of methods that test individual allergenic foods, also function as external check calibrators and can be used to estimate the recovery of allergens in matrices for which no specific reference materials exist, through spiking or by the preparation of incurred material.

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