Romer Labs is sinds mid 2019 gestopt met het produceren van enzymatische food testkits waaronder Lactose. In 2020 treft u dit beknopte assortiment dus ook niet aan in de catalogus.

Melamine, a by-product of the coal industry, is a chemical compound frequently used for the production of plastics, kitchenware, commercial filters, laminates or coatings.

Melamine is very high in nitrogen. This has led to its illegal addition to food and feed for alteration as the high nitrogen content increases the apparent amount of protein in standard measurement procedures.

Consequences of illegal melamine food adulteration

Melamine first became a topic of great discussion in 2007, when veterinary scientists determined it to be the cause of hundreds of pet deaths from pet food contamination.

In September 2008, melamine was found in milk and infant formula, where it had been added to give appearance of higher protein content. The presence of melamine led to kidney stones and renal failure among young children in China. More than 50,000 people became ill, with 4 infant deaths and more than 12,800 hospitalizations.

Fast and highly sensitive melamine analysis

The Romer Labs test kit portfolio covers 2 highly sensitive ELISA methods for the quantitative analysis of melamine in different food and feed matrices.

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