1-biopure-ampulStable Isotopic Labeled Mycotoxin Liquid Calibrants

Food Risk Management biedt het volledige Romer Labs assortiment gecertificeerde referentie materialen of wel interne standaarden (IS) aan voor HPLC en LC-MS/MS methode.  o.a. voor mycotoxinen onder de merknaam Biopure®.
Het Biopure assortiment bevat een brede range ‘high purity’  CRM’s en standaarden aan in zo wel vaste,- als vloeibare vorm, single calibrants, C13 gelabelde IS en mix oplossingen.

Specifiek voor LC-MS/MS methode heeft Biopure® een exclusieve reeks internal Fully Stable Isotope Labelled standaarden in haar assortiment.

Stable Isotopic Labelled Mycotoxin Liquid Calibrants:

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LC-MS/MS technology & BIOPURE Reference Standards

1Nowadays, more and more laboratories perform multitoxin analyses with LC-MS/MS systems. Matrix effects influence the analyte ionization in these high-end spectrometers, which can cause signal suppressions or enhancements. Internal standards, such as Biopure 13C-labeled calibrants, are required to correct these systematic errors. In addition, Biopure liquid calibrants, liquid calibrant mixes and solid calibrants are needed to perform system calibrations. And finally, naturally contaminated matrix reference materials and check sample materials are available to check for accuracy.

Same physicochemical properties guarantee same behaviour during sample clean-up and preparation.

Same retention time – no isotope effect – 13C labelled IS undergoes same enhancement or suppression effects in the ion source

Fully labelled calibrants show an optimum mass unit difference between analyte and IS – no interferences.

  1. Matrix effects in the MS are difficult to control – black box.
  2. Internal Standards are the best option to compensate matrix effects in MS.
  3. 13C fully labeled IS are advantageous over other alternatives (no isotope effect)
  4. Error from sample preparation are well researched and understood

The Advantage of Fully Stable 13C Labeled Internal Standards in LC-MS/MS Mycotoxin Analysis
Cleanup Method and Stable 13C-Labeled
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Multi-Mycotoxin testing
A routine approach
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MulitStar Mycotoxin Columns


BIOPURE: U-[13C21]-Deoxynivalenol-3-Glucoside mycotoxinen tandaard.

De eerste volledig 13C-gelabelde masked mycotoxin in de markt voor LC-MS/MS analysis.


DON-3-glucoside is known as the most important masked form of deoxynivalenol, generated by the infected plant (eg. maize) to detoxify deoxynivalenol. During mammalian digestion the glucoside residue “masking” the mycotoxin might be cleaved again and the original toxicity of DON will reappear.

Bijgeleverde analyse certificatenBIOPURE oplossingen’:ffff

Certified Value: For a CRM, the value that appears in the certificate accompanying the material.

Omvat o.a.:

  • Detailed name of the material
  • Producer & producers code
  • General description of material & expiry date
  • Intended use
  • Instructions for proper use
  • Instructions for storage
  • Certified property value(s) + statement of uncertainty
  • Documentation of traceability
  • Method(s) used to obtain property values

Wij sturen u graag verdere technische informatie over de RomerLabs BIOPURE standaarden door.

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